Why 0844 Local Rate Numbers?

Why purchasing a 0844 Number

Give your company a
national presence

0844 Local Rate numbers are the most flexible NGN (Non Geographic Numbers) available. The fact that they are charged at local rate means that your company can have local presence, giving customers the impression you are on their doorstep.


But there is also the advantage that any 0844 number gives a company national presence as well, and can give a small business the image of being much larger than it is. Furthermore, if you are a small business, working from home, an 0844 local rate number gives you the protection you need for your home number.

0844 local rate numbers can be diverted to any UK landline or mobile, and the destination number of your 0844 number can be changed whenever you want by just sending an email. It couldn’t be easier! Having an 0844 local rate number means you have a number for life, if you relocate premises, just tell us your new destination number, and we re-divert your number for free, saving you advertising costs.

With all Global Telecom 0844 local rate numbers, you have the option of viewing your Call Stats on line, so you can monitor the ongoing success of your business marketing activities, and identify trends in the market. As with all of our NGNs provided by Global Telecom, you can also choose your number, meaning you can invest in a memorable number of your choice, which your customers won’t be able to forget.